The Silver Dollar.... a Huthinson icon since 1948

Silver Dollar

Hutchinson, KS

About Us

The Silver Dollar is a throwback to  -   old school - mom and pop taverns.  Located in Hutchinson, KS.

Established in 1948.  We're known for serving the coldest beer in town

and our popcorn made fresh continually. 

Patrons range from twenty one to ninety plus!    

Oh, and did I mention...our staff is AWESOME!  

We have a one of a kind, oversize pool table as well as a regular bar size one.  We're very proud of our pool teams and love to have them play out of the Silver Dollar. 

We are an authorized CUESTIX dealer as well.

Getting Married?   ... we have a little twist for ya...owner is ordained, you can have your ceremony and reception right here! 

Just another unique little feature of the Silver Dollar!

If you're looking for an OG small town tavern where everyone knows your name...

we're the place for you!

Bud Light on tap served in two sizes of frosty mugs -

Wide choice of Long neck bottles -

Variety of canned Beer

Seltzers and Wine coolers.  

Also sell our fair share of soda, water and tea....and pizza!

Candy bars, beef jerky, slim jims, chips and nuts!



Charlie and Sondra





and our favorite fill-in....Jaime 

Coming up...

At the very least,

the summer of 2021

should get a speeding ticket! 

Don't know what happened...

but it went ENTIRELY too fast!

No worries though! 

Unlike the seasons, WE aren't changing!

Ice cold beer

Bottomless popcorn bowls

and a staff that appreciates your patronage!

Silver Dollar Merchandise

  • T-Shirts
  • Tanks

  • Coozies

  • Hats



1000 Nickerson Blvd, Hutchinson, KS  67501

Hours of Operation  

Monday - Friday      2 pm - Midnight 

Saturday       2 pm - Midnight (When pool league is playing we open at noon Saturdays)

Closed Sundays

(we do occasionally change up Sundays for special events or requests)