The Silver Dollar.... a Huthinson icon since 1948

Silver Dollar

Hutchinson, KS

About Us

The Silver Dollar is a throwback to  -   

old school - mom and pop taverns. 

Located in Hutchinson, KS.

Established in 1948.  

We're known for serving the coldest beer in town

and our popcorn made fresh continually. 

Patrons range from twenty one to ninety plus!    

Oh, and did I mention...our staff is AWESOME!  

We have an oversize pool table as well as a regular bar size one. 

We're very proud of our pool teams and love to have them play out of the Silver Dollar. 

We are an authorized CUESTIX dealer as well.

Getting Married?   

Owner is ordained

Able to perform weddings not only onsite, but also other locations in KS!

Need something notarized...she can do that too!

If you're looking for an OG small town tavern where everyone knows your name...

we're the place for you!

Bud Light and Michelob on tap served in two sizes of frosty mugs -

Wide choice of Long neck bottles -

Variety of canned Beer

Seltzers and Wine coolers.  

Also sell our fair share of soda, water and tea....and pizza!

Individually wrapped Nachos, Candy bars, beef jerky, slim jims, chips and nuts!



She can marry you, notarize for you, maybe answer questions, possibly schedule stuff...

but we don't let her behind the bar...  she doesn't know what she's doing back there! 

Charlie and Sondra

This wonderful couple owned the bar from 1990 to 2006 and are still playing a huge role here!  We unanimously want to keep them around as long as possible!


Sherry has been a part of the team since 2006. She's the


everyone warned you about!


The right hand man that keeps us all together, taking on ever increasing responsibilities.  He's a walking encyclopedia when it comes to songs and artists.... and yes ladies...he's single!


Here's our organizer, cheer leader, great attitude, high energy Val.  Lucky to have her on our team!  She has so many talents!  

She knows everyone and everyone loves her!


Our newest team member but you'd never know it!  She's already a pro!  Her energy is a fantastic addition!  She was also very well known here it has been a seamless transition!

and our favorite fill-in....Jaime 

A little crazy...

unofficial medical staff

and really official

birthday board artist!

Coming up...

Jones Family Benefit Update!

Holy benefit Batman! 

This was one for the record books!

Silver Dollar has always loved being a part of benefits, our patrons are truly generous and awesome people! 

Years and years ago our record breaker was $8,002 raised in a single afternoon and that record stood strong..... until NOW!

Saturday, Sept. 24, 2023 has comfortably defeated the long standing record!  We are super excited and proud to announce that $8,640 was brought in!  What a great testament to a wonderful and deserving family!

Thank you, sincerely to Amy, Hunter and Ava Jones who were able to attend for a good period of time!   Your presence was greatly appreciated!  

Huge shout out to Brad and Jenn Mendenhall for initiating and carrying out a fantastic event... we must say, Brad showed some real skill there at the end engaging people to kick up the fun and competitiveness... this literally added tons of money to the totals.  To all who participated and generously donated varying amounts of money...we salute you!




all three worked a very long day taking great care of everyone!  They were rock stars!  Super grateful for such an awesome staff!!!

Thank you EVERYONE for allowing us the honor of hosting this event!

Count down!

Cheers and beers to

75 years!

Coming in 2023 we will be celebrating 75 years in business!

Lost and Found

This little section is to communicate items that have been accumulated and not yet claimed! 

Nothing currently

Silver Dollar Merchandise

  • T-Shirts
  • Tanks

  • Coozies

  • Hats
  • One of a kind custom Silver Dollar shirts!  



1000 Nickerson Blvd, Hutchinson, KS  67501

Hours of Operation  

Monday - Friday      2 pm - Midnight 

Saturday       2 pm - Midnight (When pool league is playing we open at noon Saturdays)

Closed Sundays

(we do occasionally change up Sundays for special events or requests)